Concrete Floor Polishing Service in Auckland

Vinyl floors can be polished many many times, but once the polish has been scratched or worn away by time, your floors will need to be stripped back to unmarked vinyl and then re-coated with multiple layers of clear polish.

Looking for the trusted cleaning or polishing experts for your vinyl floors? Vinyl Floor Polishing Services are the most experienced Auckland vinyl floor cleaning & polishing specialists, we would love to hear from you to restore your Vinyl floors to the best.

What are the different types of polished concrete floor?

Are you looking for a team of specialists to get your floors polished for reinventing their aesthetic appeal? 

If yes, then Vinyl Floor Polishing has the means and the best equipment in the industry to deliver excellence always. 

While you give us a call to book your dream team for floor polishing, take a look at the different polish options at your disposal.

  • Cream polish- Creates a smooth surface
  • Salt and pepper polish- Creates a natural-looking surface while embracing a few imperfections
  • Aggregated polish- Beautifully exposes the stone aggregate while ensuring the desired sheen

Based on your home’s flooring and your decor theme, our experts will gladly suggest the right choice for your home.

What preparation is required before polishing an existing concrete floor?

Before the experts at Vinyl Floor Polishing commence the concrete floor polishing, they will take a few measures to prepare the concrete surface. 

  • Cleaning the flooring

In case your floors are already laced with oil-stains, the specialists will use quality equipment to remove the stains carefully. This is a necessary step as the presence of pre-existing stains won’t let the new stains settle in.

  • Fixing the cracks

Cleaning the floors exposes all the cracks, holes and chips which need immediate attention. The flooring specialists will repair them to level the floor for efficient polishing.

What should I expect with Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete floors can woo any person entering your home, given that the polishing has been carefully carried out by an expert in the field such as at Vinyl Floor Polishing. 

The high-glossy polished floors enrich any decor space with their unique presence. Such polishes create a gloss-like look for the floors, which beautifully reflects light. That said, they not only look pleasing but save some extra bucks on the energy bills as well. 

Furthermore, polished floors are easy to maintain as compared to other flooring options. So, wait no more and revamp your floors by hiring Vinyl Floor Polishing today.

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