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    Non Slippery Vinyl Flooring & Anti Slip Coating for Floor

    Are you looking for a flooring service that leaves your customers or guests in awe? The answer is Vinyl Floor Polishing Services that can be easily trusted for their experienced craftsmanship.

    We have been working on bringing bliss under your feet; our high-quality vinyl floor coverings have been part of various hotels, public interiors, homes, outdoor and indoor places.

    What makes them best for your homes? Our modern non-slippery vinyl flooring comes with a slip-resistant floor finish making them an affordable option for your kitchens and bathrooms.
    Vinyl is naturally slippery, but with our services of anti-slip floor coating on it, you will be left impressed with its durability, floor tractions, and maintenance, making your decision to choose our services the best and cost-effective choice. So why wait! We are just a call away.

    Slip Resistant Floor Finish

    Highly smooth vinyl floors may look pleasing but they can be a hazard especially for kids and elderly family members. To prevent nasty falls and slips, let Vinyl Floor Polishing Services apply a slip-resistant coating on your floors. We apply a high-quality coating that is designed to prevent trips, slips and falls. Our experts will take a look at your floors and apply the most suitable slip-resistant floor finish.

    Anti Slip Floor Coating Auckland

    Are you constantly tripping on your vinyl flooring? Allow Vinyl Floor Polishing Services help you safeguard yourself and your family from falling injuries. We provide anti-slip treatments for a wide range of flooring materials, including Vinyl, Porcelain, Concrete, Quarry Tile, Ceramic, Terrazzo and Granite floors. Our slip-resistant coating is highly durable and will last a minimum of four years.


    If you’re flooring a bathroom or any other busy area, it’s important to choose a slip-resistant flooring to prevent nasty falls. Particularly, slip-resistant flooring is necessary if you have children, pets or elderly family members in the house. Here are some non-slippery flooring options:

    Carpeted Floors
    In addition to being slip-resistant, carpeted floors are extremely comfortable to walk on and a great option for colder climates. On the other hand, carpeted floors are not suitable for wet areas. Such floors are prone to accumulating dust and stains.

    Non-Slippery Vinyl Floors
    While vinyl flooring can be naturally slippery, it can easily be remedied by applying a suitable slip-resistant solution. Vinyl is highly durable as well as water-resistant. It is a versatile material that can be used in any part of the house.

    Cork Floors
    If you don’t want something too soft or hard, cork is the perfect in-between flooring option. It is smooth but offers sufficient traction to minimise slips and falls. Cleaning and maintaining cork flooring is relatively easy, but it is prone to scratches and water damage.

    Rubber Floors
    Are you looking for a temporary anti-slip solution? Rubber flooring or mats can be placed in any area for slip as well as shock resistance. That being said, rubber flooring isn’t particularly visually appealing.

    Bamboo/Hardwood Floors
    Bamboo or any other hardwood flooring options are highly durable as well as easy to clean. The natural materials look beautiful but can be quite pricey to install.

    The lack of friction between the shoe and the floor can lead to dreadful slips and falls. A slip-resistant floor offers traction to prevent such accidents. Certain flooring options such as carpeting are naturally non-slippery, while vinyl floors can be specifically designed to reduce slipperiness.

    Yes, you can apply anti-slip floor paint on the interior and exterior floors. This paint can be applied over a wide range of flooring materials, including vinyl, concrete, rubber, fibreglass, wood, metal and plastic.

    Different flooring materials require different treatments to make them slip-resistant. Here are some popular methods to make common flooring options non-slippery:

    Add Texture
    If you have a concrete floor, choose a textured finish rather than a smooth surface. Something like a broom finish will make your concrete floors skid resistant. However, this method can be done when the concrete is partially dry and not after it has completely set.

    Apply Anti-Slip Coating
    A variety of anti-slip coatings are readily available on the market. These coatings are suitable for a wide range of flooring, including vinyl, concrete, rubber, metal, fibreglass, marble, ceramic, brick and granite. This is one of the easiest skip-resistant solutions that work well for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

    Install Rubber Mats
    If you’re looking for a fast but temporary solution, the rubber mats are a great option. You can easily install and remove them as required.

    Place Non-Slip Tapes
    To add some traction to an overly smooth surface, you can use non-slip tapes that are abrasive on one side to reduce slipperiness. This anti-slip solution is most suitable for smaller areas.

    Apply Sealers with Grit Additives
    For concrete floors, you can combine grit additives with sealers to increase friction.

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