9 Mistakes to Avoid while Floor Sanding

People are turning to wooden floorings again, and the market for Floor designers and floor maintenance is flourishing. Being in the industry for years, we at Vinyl Floor Polishing services only aim to make every home floor in Auckland better than ever. We always satisfy our customers when it comes to retouching their existing floorings. Our floor sanding services are also up to the mark and serve a great purpose in your homes.

But refinishing floors is more challenging than you see it. We may be a budding business, but with our experience, we have figured out some tricks that go along with the trade. So, if you are looking for a Floor sander in Auckland, here is the list of mistakes you must avoid and ensure a promising refinish.

#9 Sanding floor before it’s ready

The first mistake we encountered by homeowners while sanding floors is that they sometimes approve the sanding process before the floor’s ready. This turns out to be a wrong choice and ends up destroying the base at an early stage.

#8 Not Finding the correct grit Sandpaper 

By far, the most common mistake is using the wrong Sandpaper grit. To determine the proper grit, you can study your floorboards. If it’s the first time you are sanding floors, you need coarse paper, whereas for refinishing, you can choose the finer one.

#7 Wrong Sanding Direction

If your floor sanding direction is wrong, you can not do it properly. Many homeowners make this mistake, so it’s pretty standard. Always find the right path to sand the floors.

#6 Spending more time on Sanding Floor Edges

If you care too much about the floor edges, it’s a waste of time. Not only is it a pain in the back, but it also takes up all the effort and energy. It would help if you did it slightly less on the main floor surface.

#5 Lacking in proper Sanding Technique for Hardwood

For hardwood floors, a unique sanding technique is a must. At Vinyl Floor polishing service, we always make sure of that. However, many skilled floor polishing service providers still need to achieve that.

#4 Using the Same Sandpaper for long

One should change the sandpaper used for floor sanding from time to time. Using the same sandpaper without changing it can make scratch marks on the floor which will be everlasting.

#3 Sanding too Hard or Not Sanding enough

Either they sand too hard, or they need to sand more. It requires a skilled professional team like us who can work with a balance. That’s how you avoid any tragedies on the newly polished floor.

#2 Being a Know-it-all

You can only know some things by following the book. It is a significant mistake if you examine the floor yourself. So, it takes time and experience to be an expert floor sander in Auckland, which our service members prove they are.

#1 Not Hiring a Professional

You can only do some of the work by yourself. It is necessary to ask for help as and when required. Most people do not hire a professional floor sander which jeopardises their floor plans.

Final Words

If you are thinking of sanding your floors, you can check our entire floor sander services available in the city. Also, check the above mistakes and ensure you do not repeat them the next time you hire a floor sander or do it yourself.

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