4 Things To Remember While Choosing a Floor Sanding Expert in South Auckland

Timber floor installation gives an immaculate finish to your floor. But its longevity and appearance depend on the hands you pick for the job. 

Choosing the right contractors for floor sanding in South Auckland is paramount to bringing a smooth finish to your foundation. 

Without proper sanding, the floor will get rough and worn out over time. So, which contractor is best for the pool?

Well, there are plenty of authentic flooring contractors out there, but you must base your choice on the following four things we are mentioning below:

1. Streamline the choices

Although Auckland harbors some of the best flooring experts, finding them would take some research.

The best and easiest way to find an authentic contractor is through the recommendations of your friends and family. 

You can ask them if they have recently worked with any flooring contractors. Besides that, online directories like Google and Yelp are some of the other options you have. 

Run a random search for flooring contractors near you, read their reviews, and check out their ratings on Yelp and Google. 

2. Go with the experience.

There is no substitute for on-the-job experience. Regardless of how much a contractor promises, you should only focus on the number of projects they have completed to date. 

Experienced contractors will employ the right sanding process, equipment, and labor. Since they are well-versed in all aspects of flooring, they won’t give you any chance to question their work. 

Besides that, veteran contractors are always humble enough to accommodate your views, take your insights, and implement them in the best way possible. 

Therefore, look no further than a contractor with at least three years of on-paper experience. 

3. Licensing and insurance

Not considering your contractor’s license is one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing sanding contractors

Every flooring contractor must have an LBP (Licensed Building Practitioner) licence to practise construction and flooring work in Auckland. 

If your contractor doesn’t have that, working with them can land you in legal trouble. Therefore, check their certificate out in advance.

Moreover, they must also be insured, so you don’t get caught up in any mishap or injury. 

Be clear about both of these things. 

4. Request and compare their quotes

Once you are assured that you have chosen a few authentic contractors, it is time to ask each of them for a detailed quote on their services. 

What should I expect in their quote?

  • A detailed description of labour qualification.
  • Description of prices of labour and material. 
  • Description of the included sanding services such as stealing, refinishing, and staining.
  • Hidden charges and taxes.

Take all the quotes and compare the prices. Choose the genuine one regarding price, material quality, and labour used. 

Final Thoughts

Picking the right floor sanding contractor is detrimental to the outcome of your sanding project. Choosing among the vast pool of contractors in Auckland can get tricky, but not when you have the tips mentioned above in your arsenal. 

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